For years, futurists have attempted to predict when, in the future, we will finally achieve the “technological singularity’’ — a technological breakthrough so profound, it changes the course of humanity. Specifically, futurists have been talking about the moment when super-human artificial intelligence becomes reality. Or — to put it simply — when computers become smarter than people.

However, at Centaura, we believe that the world needs to prepare for a different singularity — one that might arrive even before super-human intelligence. It’s the moment when humans have the power to slow down — and even reverse aging.

Stepping back: what the “singularity” is

The idea of…

Both public and scholarly interest in aging research has been growing rapidly over recent years. This has triggered a proliferation of anti-aging technologies and aging interventions, ranging from simple lifestyle changes aimed at slowing aging all the way to radical regenerative technologies that may someday turn back our biological clocks. Taking in this ever-expanding array of interventions can be disorienting; it is easy to get lost in the unceasing stream of new research, new trials, and new products hitting the market. …

Geroscience, the science of aging, is a relatively young field. Despite steady increases in life expectancy across much of the globe, we have yet to see any drastic leaps or breakthroughs in human lifespan extension. Neither have we seen radical augmentations of the human healthspan — the length of time during which a person enjoys good health, before the onset of chronic age-related diseases. The main underlying factor behind this lack of progress is technological — the tools at our disposal have only recently reached a crucial tipping point of sophistication, ushering radical lifespan and healthspan extension out of the…


Centaura is a young, global team of ambitious thinkers making groundbreaking discoveries in aging research.

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